Next Level Leadership: How to Build a Post-Pandemic Culture That Attracts and Retains a Strong Workforce
Don’t wait for the labor market shortage to end because all current data says it won’t. This keynote lays out labor market projections, the impact of recent historical events on employee attitudes toward work, the workplace features employee’s find most appealing, and the skills today’s leaders must have to attract and retain a strong workforce.

Creating a Dream Team at Work: The Magic Is in the Mix
From start to finish, this program is fun, insightful, instructive, and motivating. David explores the differences among us that spark creativity, drive productivity, and inevitably create friction. Learn how the most successful teams capitalize on their strengths, minimize dysfunction, and work together to achieve outstanding results.

Personal Leadership: What Everyone Needs to Know Now
Whether or not people hold positions of authority at work, their ability to influence others – move them from point A to point B -- is critical to professional success. This program explores what it means to have strong personal leadership skills, engages audiences in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, helps them develop a personal plan for growth and development, and leaves them excited to implement that plan.

How to Succeed, Stay Sane, and Have Fun While You Work
Too much work? Testy customers? No work/life balance? Learn to eat problems for breakfast! Succeeding, staying sane, and having fun while working does not occur by accident. It happens because of a relentless commitment to certain principles and values. Audiences leave this program inspired, refreshed, focused, and with new ideas for achieving excellent outcomes and a joyful work experience regardless of what happens around them.

The Art and Technique of Negotiating:
The Strategies Every Great Negotiator Knows. While many of us may not enjoy or feel skilled at negotiating, we all negotiate every day – with people at work and at home – and need to know how to do it better. This program lays out key principles and strategies (and an unforgettable, life-changing negotiating tactic) that will make anyone a more skilled and comfortable negotiator.

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